Letter to my Unsaved Mum

My mother is unsaved at this point. I have spoken to her many times about the Lord but she still resists. I would covet the prayers of the believers for her heart to be turned to and regenerated by the Lord.

Unfortunately she suffers from Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and that affliction (which worsens all the time) is a hindrance in her mind. I pray that God would use it to show her that life without forgiveness and hope is death.

Below is a letter I have written to her which I lay the gospel out to her as clearly as I can (I hope). Please pray that she receives this well and that she will seek the Lord and receive her salvation!

Dear Mum,

I just wanted to say thank you for the help you give us with the mail and everything. We really appreciate it! I hope that the weather is holding out for you there.

I wonder if you have thought more about God recently? I know that especially with what has been happening in Australia, things like what happens after death can be something which hovers on the fringe of our thoughts. Sometimes we do not want to think about it and we try to ignore it.

What I realize from that situation is that hopelessness can lead to actions which can be irreversible. Uncle Tom cannot change his mind now. Auntie Mary was lucky she did not permanently damage her spine. Though at the time I imagine that was far from her thoughts. Overall, hopelessness is deadly. It causes people to do irrational, and awful things (though for these people, they are just trying to escape the bleak nothingness of having no hope and to them I think they believe relief will come).

For me, my hope is founded upon Jesus. He has promised me in the Bible that should my trust and faith be in Him – that He can and will forgive my sins, and make me right with God – then I have a life of eternity in heaven with Him and all other believers.

I do not want you to live without hope, Mum. I want you to be able to escape the bleakness which I know threatens you at every turn – especially when you see what has beholden your family. However, that does not have to be your end or demise. You can have the same hope that I have. You can also have hope that after this time on earth, you will be able to partake in something better than you can possibly ever imagine!

People say that Christianity is an intolerant and exclusive religion. In a way they are right, but at the same time not. Jesus came to the earth – God in the form of a man – and said, “’I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.’”  It is exclusive in the sense that Jesus is the only way to have eternal life, the only way to have God’s wrath for our sins turned away from us. It is intolerant to all other messages of salvation – you cannot work your way to heaven or hope that good intentions will get you there. However, He does not turn away anyone who seeks after Him. It is usually people who refuse to bow down to a Holy God which cause the problem – God welcomes all who desire to be right with Him. On His terms though.

Mum, you are sinner the same as I am. All of us in some way, shape or form have rebelled and gone against God and His standard for us. This can be summed up in a way through his 10 commandments. Who on earth has not lied, stolen, abused His name etc? We are all guilty of this when we measure up against the standard of His law. That is what the Law shows us – it shows us that we cannot match up to what we should be through our own efforts. In a very real sense, it curses us to hell.

However, Paul writes in 2Corinthians 5:21, God made him who had no sin to be sin for us, so that in him we might become the righteousness of God.” Jesus came to earth, and was marched up the hill and onto the cross to bear the wrath of a holy God on our behalf! He was punished for what we have done!

It is like if you committed a crime of some sort and had to pay a penalty which was impossible for you. No matter which way you looked at it, you had no way to pay this penalty – it was completely beyond your reach. You are about to be banished when someone walks into the room and says to the judge, “I myself will pay this penalty.” For no other reason, but because they love you.

God’s salvation is by His grace! You don’t earn it or deserve it but He gives it nonetheless because He is also a God of mercy! He will do whatever it takes to have you in His kingdom – even suffering death on a cross!

Jesus has done that same thing for you, Mum! Your penalty for sinning against God is death (spiritually and ultimately physically). Romans 6:23 says, “for the wages of sin is death.” It is impossible to pay this penalty and survive. Yet Jesus, has come to this earth with the express purpose to stand in your place before God. He has come to die on your behalf and to suffer the punishment you deserved. It says in John 3:16, “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” He loves you Mum and He was prepared to stand in your place and die. He was prepared to suffer unimaginably so you might be set free from your fate – eternity in Hell!

You just need to come before Him and admit you have sinned against Him and that you understand the just penalty is death but that you repent of your sin and that you trust in Him to save you from that fate. Put your trust in Him to rescue you from death and He will set you free!

I know you struggle with life and that you believe it is unfair for everything that has happened to you that has come to pass. You most likely blame God and say, “why should I trust in Him when He has made me sick like this!” I understand where you are coming from, Mum. You may think that I have no idea but I do (to a degree anyway). I know what it is like to feel hopeless and lost. I was there once. While I did not have the same physical issues that you suffer, the very same spiritual ones afflicted me: I had sinned against God and I needed to be made right with Him – that was my only hope.

You may blame God and saythat if He fixed things, then perhaps you would give Him a look in. But would you? I doubt I would have. The problem with that is, people do not often realise they are in trouble when life is great – their eyes are opened when trouble and calamity intervene. Many testimonies of people’s salvation come from times of despair – not times of prosperity.

We pray endlessly for you. We pray that God would heal your soul more than anything. Your spiritual welfare is all I am concerned about, Mum. If, after you become the Lord’s, He heals you, then I will praise God but nowhere near with the fervency, joy, and adulation as when you commit your hope, trust, and life to Him. Trust me when I tell you this, nothing will compare to that moment. The All Blacks could win the World Cup, and it will mean nothing to me knowing your life belongs to the Lord.

So, Mum, I urge you to read this with an open heart. I will pray endlessly for you as always. Please think about your life – not just this one on earth – but in the bigger picture and from an eternal perspective.

May God speak to your heart, Mum!

Love Nick

9 responses to “Letter to my Unsaved Mum

  1. Nick, I think that’s probably been one of the hardest letters you have written, but I believe the Holy Spirit has directed your hand in the writing of it. I doubt that I would have done as well in your place. It is beautifully written. My prayers will be for you & your mum. Be encourged my brother, because I believe the Lord has spoken very clearly through you & your obedience to Him is a testimony that shines very brightly. May God richly bless you and grant you the desire of your heart.

    • Hi Alan, thanks for your comment. I really appreciate it. Your prayers and encouragement are greatly received. I guess she will receive it in the next few days. We have talked about stufff in the past but here ability to talk is compromised a bit now and she finds it tiring to talk. I also know that she cannot resist reading letters to her – no matter the content – so a great opportunity to confront the issue of repentance and salvation.

      Thanks again Alan!!

  2. Actually, I just thought of this & wanted to add it, there’s a book by Ken Ham, about his brother Robert (who was stricken with a dreadful degenerative brain disease, which was terminal), in which Ken looks at the question of how & why a loving God would allow such a thing to happen. It’s a very honest look at an issue that we all struggle with & it might be os some value to both you & your mum. Just a thought. It’s called; “Why would a Loving God…?”
    Many blessings,

  3. redeemedhippiesplace

    I feel for you in desiring the salvation for your mother. Having had to deal with the same thing when my mother and father were sick, I found it hard to express the truth when they appeared indifferent. BUT, I believe that we all reach points in our lives where there is none to call out to but God. We do not know the secret things that may have already taken place between your mother and God. God is a discerner of hearts. He knows and loves your mother greater than you ever could. He desires for her to call upon Him. He can make His truth very real and very precious to her. Our days are numbered — God knows. Your mother (depending on her age, I suppose) can see eternity set before her, even though she has not yet admitted it to you. She may never admit it. Some things are between God and the individual. But I will pray that God lets you see a new thing in your mother. May you see her countenance change before your very eyes and may you both be able to have some kind of fellowship before she leaves this world. May she see the love of God in you, her son. May she find the words to express to you her hope and salvation.

  4. My mom was brought up Anglican and believed for a long time she was saved because she was baptized as a baby in the church. I talked to her about it many times and finally asked her to read Romans 10:9 and think about what it was saying. She was about 77 or 78 when she finally accepted Jesus for herself, was baptized in the Holy Spirit about a year later. She turned 90 this year and is still serving Him with joy. God can work in us no matter what age we are, just like he birthed new life into Sarah and Elizabeth. I will be praying for you and your mom.

  5. Thank you for your blog post.Truly looking forward to find out more. Really Cool.

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